Dr. Kristin Karbonik is driven by a passion for quality care done right. She wants each of her patients to have the happiest and healthiest of lives. Armed with a no-nonsense, practical approach, she and her co-Medical Director Dr. Jess Eavers opened Charm City Veterinary Hospital with honesty, compassion for animals & empathy for the clients they served as key values. Together, they also wanted to change the sometimes-toxic veterinary culture for their employees by providing them with opportunities for a satisfying work: life balance. She is deeply devoted to upholding high ethical standards as a veterinarian and as a person. She also understands the invaluable bond between pets and their owner, because she shares the same bond with her own animals- Rick (the pug), Bob (the cat) and Arrrrnold (our clinic kitty and the real boss around here).

The Heart of the Matter:

Dr. Karbonik believes effective communication is vital to great patient care. With a deep understanding of the human-animal bond, she recognizes the importance of clear communication and transparent guidance to the healthcare journey. She will never beat around the bush or deny you the right to informed consent for your pet’s care. Her transparency ensures that she always gets to the heart of the matter in a way that makes you feel understood. She will always provide you with a clear plan of action and detail the best possible treatment options. She also makes sure to follow through on each aspect of treatment to ensure the desired outcomes are achieved as efficiently and painlessly as possible for you and your pet. It is not out of character for her to email check-ins for sick patients just to ensure they are thriving on the treatment plan created for them.

Sensible Solutions:

Dr. Karbonik begin her veterinary career after earning her DVM from the Virginia Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in 2007. She has also earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematical Business from Wake Forest University. One of the standout personality traits of our beloved doctor is her analytical, problem-solving approach to everyday life & her sensible approach to pet care. She acknowledges that while our pets are cherished family members, not all pet owners have the unlimited resources for extravagant treatment options. Instead, she focuses on providing realistic solutions to health concerns that consider both the pet’s well-being and the owner’s financial situation simultaneously.

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Whether it’s recommending cost-effective yet high-quality food options, suggesting the best testing options to yield a diagnosis, discussing preventive measures to avoid future health issues or consulting with a veterinary specialist for more chronic cases, she ensures that your hard-earned money & valuable time are not wasted. She strives to develop a unique treatment plan tailored to your pet that provides realistic options for care. Those options are then communicated to you in a timely fashion. As the co-Medical Director of our hospital, she has helped to implement many policies that make our staff easier and quicker to contact,  further highlighting how much she values communication.

Transparency is Best:

In the world of pet care, the ability to communicate is very important, but transparency matters just as much. Dr. Karbonik is a veterinarian that takes pride in her straightforward & transparent communication style. By engaging pet owners in open and honest discussions about their pets’ health, asking the right questions & explaining medical conditions in a way that’s easy to understand when needed, she empowers pet owners to make informed decisions based on knowledge, not fear. This honesty fosters a trusting relationship between her and her clients.

The Importance of Preventive Care:

As a firm advocate for preventive care, Dr. Karbonik understands that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Through regular check-ups, vaccinations, proactive advice & wellness planning, she helps pet owners safeguard their companions from potential health risks. This proactive stance not only saves pets from unnecessary suffering but can reduce the overall cost of veterinary care in the long run. She believes that helping you as a pet owner to see the value in treatment methodologies increases overall compliance in care, because ultimately, we must work as a team for the health of your pet.


In a world filled with complexities, Dr. Karbonik stands out as a beacon of honesty, practicality, and compassion. With a heart dedicated to the well-being of our pets and a brain dedicated to analyzing ways to improve veterinary medicine, she provides stellar medical care backed by a sense of trust. As a Baltimore area pet owner, you can’t go wrong choosing her as a member of your pet’s healthcare team. In her capable hands, your furry family member/s will thrive! You can rest easy knowing that they receive the best care possible, done the right way and that you will be informed each step of the way. She is accepting new patients now so contact us today at [email protected] or call us at 443-873-8431 to schedule!