Happy Hearts: Fun Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Your Pet In & Around Baltimore, MDValentine’s Day isn’t just for humans, it can be for pets, too! It’s an opportunity to shower love on our loyal companions. Celebrating with your furry friends can be heartwarming, but it’s essential to keep health & safety in mind. Here are some pawsitively delightful ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your pet that ranges from local activities to projects you can do in your very own home.

Bake some Healthy Treats
Try a reciple like these “Blueberry Heart Tarts” for your dog that contains real, healthy, ingredients. To bake them , you will need:

  • 2 eggs
  • 1.5 cups of whole wheat flour
  • 1 cup oats
  • 2-3 tbsp unsweetened applesauce (substite 1 mashed banana or 2 tbsp pure pumpkin)
  • a small drizzle of coconut or olive oil
  • ½ cup of thoroughly washed blueberries that have been lightly smashed.
  • a heart shaped silicone pan that is oven safe

Combine your flour, drizzle of oil and dried berries together in a bowl. Once combined, pour in beaten eggs and applesauce. Mix it all together well. Finally,  add in the oats a bit at a time until the dough starts to firm up. Add oats until you reach a consistency that allows you to roll the dough into small balls. Then, press each ball into a heart shaped mold. Bake at 200F for 15mins or until golden brown & crisp on the edges. This should make 12-15 treats. To make them even more special, dip them in Greek Yogurt before serving.

Use your own favorite recipe if you don’t like this one, just remember to avoid using ingredients that are harmful to pets, such as chocolate or artificial sweeteners. For kitty friends, try blending dry kibble with fish & a sprinkle of cheese, shaping into the mold and refrigerating to set.

Pet-Friendly Toys: All pets love new toys! Dogs and cats alike will feel the love if you give them something fun. So, go buy your furry friend a new toy to celebrate the day of love! Look for something Valentine’s day appropriate & safe for your pets level of play to make it extra special. Petco in Canton, right down the hill from our office, has a great selection of toys, including this cute cat scratch pad https://bit.ly/422FO5j

Engage In Creative Crafting: Try making a keepsake with your pets this year. We love this kit from Etsy that allows you to make an easy (mess-free) paw print. It comes complete with a frame with spots for photos, too. http://bit.ly/48CZEq5

Heart-Shaped ID Tag: Identification is a MUST in the city. Baltimore is a big place & should your pet ever get lost; it is imperative you have a tag on him/her to get them home safely. For Valentines day, double down on safety to show your love! Order your pet a new heart shaped ID tag.

New Get-Up: Show your pet some love by getting them some new attire! We all love new clothes, right? So why not get your pet a new sweater for Valentines Day. Howl (of Hampden) has an adorable selection of items, from pink jean jackets to this cute sweater – Chilly Dog Peach Fairisle Dog Sweater – Hand Knit Fair Trade Wool – Howl (howlinhampden.com)

Play date: Set up a fun play date with your dog’s best pal. If you haven’t found your dog a pal yet, stop by our office for a FREE pass to Bark Social in Baltimore. We have partnered with them to ensure your friendly, playful, pal finds his/her new bestie! These passes are for those new to Bark Social only.

If the weather permits, take your dog for a scenic walk or hike. Cats may enjoy a supervised outdoor adventure in a safe and enclosed space. Many of our kitty patients have learned to traverse Canton on a leash. Canton Waterfront Park & Patterson Park both offer a great place to walk your pet.

Interactive Playtime: Invest in interactive toys that engage your pet’s mind and provide physical activity. Puzzle feeders, lick mats or toys that dispense treats can make playtime both entertaining and rewarding.

Grooming Session: Show your pet some extra grooming love. Brush their fur, trim their nails, and clean their ears. Not only does it contribute to their well-being, but it’s also a bonding experience. If you can’t do this at home, our office has a list of the best groomers around we can email you to get your pet looking their very best for Valentines Day.

Prioritize your pet’s health with a Valentine’s Day check up with us. Our expert team can provide preventive care advice and ensure that your pet is ready for a safe and joyful celebration. After all, the gift of health is the greatest gift you can give this Valentines Day.

Remember, every pet is unique. You should tailor these ideas based on your pet’s preferences and health considerations. The key is to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a way that ensures the well-being and happiness of your furry companions. Some of these ideas may not relate to or be safe for your pet. You should always follow specific guidance, dietary restrictions & exercise restrictions provided by your veterinarian. We are here to support Baltimore area pet parents in ensuring a safe and healthy celebration of love for your pets. Let’s make this Valentine’s Day memorable for both you and your furry friends!