As the vibrant colors of spring begin to bloom across the Baltimore area, we know you are excited to spend more time outside with your pet. We also know that along with the joy the color and blooms bring, it can also bring certain health concerns like allergies, too. At Charm City Veterinary Hospital, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive care for pets during this lively season. In this blog, we will explore some essential springtime pet care tips to ensure your pet’s well-being this Spring

Springtime Allergies and Your Pet: Just like humans, pets can also suffer from seasonal allergies. Pollen, grass, and blooming flowers can trigger allergic reactions in sensitive animals. Common symptoms include itching, scratching, sneezing, and watery eyes. If you notice any signs of allergies in your pet, don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with our experienced veterinarians. We offer personalized treatment plans to alleviate your pet’s discomfort and ensure an itch-free springtime. From Apoquel to Cytopoint and topical treatment options like shampoo or wipes, we have your pet covered!

Parasite Prevention: With the arrival of warmer weather, the risk of heartworm disease increases. While we recommend prevention year-round, it is true that mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks become more active in warmer weather. Parasites such as these pose a threat to your pet’s health. These pesky parasites not only cause discomfort but also transmit dangerous diseases. Protect your furry friend by maintaining a regular prevention regimen. We are happy to recommend the best product/s for your pet. From topical treatments to oral medications, we offer a variety of safe and effective options tailored to your pet’s needs.

Springtime Exercise Safety: Spring is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities with your pet, but it’s essential to be mindful of potential hazards. As the temperature rises, pavement and sidewalks can become hot enough to burn your pet’s paw pads. To prevent injuries, schedule outdoor walks during cooler hours and avoid walking on hot surfaces. Additionally, be cautious around bodies of water, as springtime rains can lead to fast-flowing rivers and streams, or standing water where heartworm transmitting mosquitoes will reside.  Always keep a close eye on your pet to prevent accidents and ensure a fun and safe outdoor experience. Heat stroke, while unlikely in the spring, is a real risk for our furry friends with breathing conditions, who are older in age, who have shorter snouts and who have longer hair.

Grooming Tips for Spring: Warmer weather means shedding season for many pets, as they trade their winter coats for lighter summer fur. Help your pet stay comfortable and reduce shedding by brushing them regularly with the appropriate grooming tools recommended by our veterinary team. Pay special attention to areas prone to matting, such as behind the ears and under the armpits. This is a big concern for pets with longer fur and those with thick undercoats. Before shaving off a fur coat, talk to your doctor to see if this is recommended for your dog’s breed. If you would like to have your pet groomed by a Baltimore Area Groomer, we have a great list of places we love! We are happy to email that list to you. A professional grooming appointment will keep your pal looking and feeling their best throughout the spring season!

Nutrition and Hydration: Proper nutrition is essential year-round, but it’s especially crucial when pets are more active. After a long winter indoors, both you and your pet will likely be more active in spring. Ensure your pet has access to fresh, clean water always, especially after vigorous play sessions at Patterson Park or long walks around Canton Waterfront. Consider adjusting your pet’s diet to accommodate their increased activity level and provide them with essential nutrients for optimal health. If you have any questions about your pet’s dietary needs, our knowledgeable veterinary team is here to offer personalized recommendations and nutritional counseling.

Conclusion: As spring breathes new life into Baltimore, take proactive steps to keep your pet healthy, happy, and thriving throughout the season & all year round. From allergy management to parasite prevention, the staff at Charm City Veterinary Hospital is dedicated to providing the highest quality care for your furry family members. By following these springtime pet care tips, you can create lasting memories and enjoy the beauty of the season alongside your beloved companion. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and embark on a journey to a vibrant and fulfilling spring with your pet.