Charm City Veterinary Hospital Diagnostics

In veterinary medicine, there are conditions or medical issues that cannot be seen on the surface. In these cases, diagnostic services are critical.

Our Services


At Charm City Veterinary Hospital, we provide a wide range of diagnostic services.

Digital radiographs allow our veterinarians to evaluate your pet’s skeletal, cardiopulmonary, gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems. In some cases, an ultrasound is needed to make an accurate diagnosis. For these special cases, we are able to arrange for a sonographer to come to our hospital to perform on-site ultrasound services.


dog food in lab

To assist with our diagnostic services, we have a full in-house laboratory which allows us to quickly conduct tests such as fecal analyses for intestinal parasites, heartworm tests for dogs, FIV/Felv tests for cats, CBC and blood chemistries, urine analyses, and cytologies. For more specialized tests, we utilize multiple offsite reference laboratories.